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This website (hereinafter referred to as "this site") is operated by Penguin Rade Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company"). These terms of use are for everyone who uses this site to use the service with confidence. Please be sure to read it before using this site.

In addition, the Terms may be newly added or updated without prior notice, without prior notice, without prior notice. By using this site, we will agree to this terms of use. Please note.

About Privacy

When using this siteprivacy policyPlease see and understand our privacy protection efforts.

About online shopping

about the order

Users can order and purchase products via this site or email.
When purchasing a product, the user shall order and purchase the product according to the method specified by our company. If we do not follow the rules we have, we may refuse the order. In addition, if the product is not received by cash on delivery or postpayment, and if the product is not received, we will charge the shipping cost and fee, and we may refuse future orders.
If the order is not accepted due to the disability on the Internet or other reasons for other responsibilities, we will not be responsible.

When canceling orders from us

If you fall in the following cases, you may be canceled for orders and shipments.

  • If bank transfer is selected and payment is not confirmed and you cannot contact by phone or email
  • If you choose cash on delivery and continue to be absent, you will not be able to deliver the product, and you will not be able to contact by phone or email.
  • When ordering and returned
  • When ordered with disposable email addresses or non -existent telephone numbers, etc.
  • If the product price, etc. of this site is incorrectly indicated due to reasons such as system failure, etc.
  • When the delivery destination is a personal book box or a transfer service
  • If returned goods are repeated many times
  • In addition, if we judge that we are inappropriate

Price information

All display prices on this site include tax
If the wrong price information is displayed on this site, we will adjust the price as follows.
If the price of the correct product is lower than the amount displayed on the site, it will be charged at a low price, and if it has already been paid, the difference will be refunded.
If the price of the correct product is higher than the amount displayed on the site, we will notify the user before shipping and ask the user's wishes. On top of that, we will confirm or cancel your order.
Product prices may change depending on sales. If the product price changes after purchase, you cannot respond to the difference.
* Please see the display related to the Specified Commercial Transactions Law.

About reprinting and reprinting by adding sentences

We do not allow reprinting the content of this site, such as product description, brand description, and blog content, to web and printed matter without permission. In the case of unauthorized reproduction, 50,000 yen will be charged as a manuscript fee.

About photo reprinting

This site uses photos that have been permitted from each brand and photos taken by us. If you use a photo taken by our company, we sell it for 30,000 yen per sheet. If you use it without permission, you will be charged 50,000 yen with a damage of 20,000 yen per sheet.

In addition, direct links to resources including photos are prohibited because they are loaded on the server. In the case of discovered, we will adopt legal measures as a powerful business hindrance, and claim damages.


We shall not be liable for any matters specified in the following provisions regardless of the explanation or implications.

  • Use of this site and responsibility for damages, losses, and disadvantages for products sold on this site
  • All damage caused by the user could not use this site
  • Damage due to design, menu, functions, URL and content of this site without notice
  • Damage caused by customers access, use, and misuse of our website, linked sites, and services
  • Third -party criminal acts, natural disasters, irreplaceable force, or any other damage when personal information is leaked due to reasons for our liability
  • Changes, interruption, suspension, suspension, abolition, unauthorized access, damages to users or third parties that occurred in associated with this site
  • Damages due to insufficient customer management regarding any personal information registered by users on this site
  • Damage due to loss and damaged by the product purchased from this site by the delivery company or third party
  • Damage given to other users or third parties by using this site. The user will solve it at his own responsibility and expenses, and will not bother us at all.

[Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law]

・ Store name NUIR VINTAGE
・ Surgery Penguin Rade Co., Ltd.
・ Name Yuichi Sato.
・ Location 〒150-0036
 16-28DAIWA Shibuya Square 9th floor
・ Product name/Cash product page description
・ Shipping fee guide description
・ Consumption tax 10% tax included price
・ Required fee transfer fee other than the product price
・ As long as sales quantity
・ Order method shopping cart
Payment method Usage guide description
・ After confirming the order delivery time, ship within 3 business days.
・ 5 days from the order of the application, the order of the application
・ Return deadline usage guide description
・ Ancient commercial number Tokyo Public Safety Commission No. 307791804697