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  1. Guide01

    About payment

    The available payment method is a credit card (JCB / AMEX / Diners / Visa / Master)WeChatPay and Alipay are available.

  2. Guide02

    About delivery

    Regarding domestic delivery, Sagawa Express will ship the product by EMS or * DHL for international delivery. The tracking number of the luggage is described in the announcement email of the product shipping.
    In addition, the following days have been received after receiving the order of the product.

    * Basically, it will be delivered by EMS. DHL only outside the EMS -compatible areaIt will be delivery.

    After ordering, it usually excludes 1-2 business days and store holidays (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

    Please note that some products are more time -consuming than usual, such as some limited items and pre -ordered products.

    ・ About tariffs (customers who use from overseas)

    Customs duties and consumption tax are the duty of importers and will be borne by the customer's customer. Please pay according to the request from the post office or the delivery company. The tariff rate depends on the material of the goods, the presence or absence of processing, the purpose, the country of origin, etc.

  3. Guide03

    about shipping cost

    The shipping fee will be free nationwide.
    International shipping is Asia: 2000 yen North Central America / Oceania: 3000 yen Europe: 4000 yen.

  4. Guide04

    About cancellation of order

    Before the product is shipped, you can cancel your order. Please contact us from the contact form. We will process the cancellation.
    Please note that we can not accept cancellations due to customer reasons after product shipping.

  5. Guide05

    About return / exchange

    The quality of the product is made in full, but if the product is damaged or dirty, or if the product is different from your order, please contact us within 3 days after the product arrives. Please complete the product return procedure within 5 days. Both the shipping fee and commission will be paid by our company, and we will replace it with a refund or equivalent.

    Also, if the size of the purchased product does not match, it is limited to products only for fitting.
    ・ Replace with your desired size if you have stock
    ・ If there is no stock, return
    We accept. We are very sorry for the shipping / fees in this case, but we are bearing the burden. Please note in advance.

    * Although the product has arrived, it may be refused to return the customer convenience, such as the difference between the product description and the subjectivity of the customer, which is different from the image.

    We have refused returns for products that have caused deterioration, damage, or dirty after arriving at the customer.

  6. Guide06

    Return / exchange procedure

    1. In the case of replacement, please contact the desired size, and in the case of returned goods from the contact form. In the case of replacement, we will check the stock status of the desired size and contact you.
    2. Please enclose the return exchange contact form "Exchange / Return Form" that fills in the required information, and send the product you want to replace and return to us.
    3. When the product arrives at us, we will check the product, and if there is no problem, we will send you a replacement product. In the case of returned goods, we will refund.
  7. Guide07

    Product destination

    Nuir Vintage EC Division
    〒 150-0036
    16-28 Minamirai-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Daiwa Shibuya Square 9th floor

  8. Guide08

    About refund

    We will complete the procedure as soon as we confirm the return of the product from the customer.
    After the procedure, the refund will be completed to your card in about 5 to 10 business days. Please note that the payment date for refund differs depending on the credit card company.
    In addition, due to the closing date of the credit card company, it may be withdrawn once. In that case, please note that the credit card company will be refunded or deducted from the usage by the following month or the next month.

  9. Guide09

    About the handling of products

    The color may differ from the actual product depending on your monitor setting and room lighting.

  10. Guide10


    If you have any questions,Contact formPlease contact us more.